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Get the new Basic plan, get better value!

Given that the TrakInvest Show pilot was a hit and the winners are already on their way to new job opportunities, we are excited to bring you this opportunity as well. With the new Basic subscription, we want to give you direct access to the next season of the TrakInvest Show...

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New User Guide – Go for a spin!

New to TrakInvest? Figuring out the platform?  We’ve designed a new user guide to help you get accustomed to the platform. Just click on the TOUR icon and go for a spin. It will get you started in no time.


General FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions Note: If you haven’t created an account yet, click here and then come back to finish reading this article. GENERAL 1. What is TrakInvest? TrakInvest is an exciting new way to develop your trading knowledge using virtual cash, real world information and competing against other people. Unlike trading stocks...


TrakInvest goes mobile!

Now you can access your favourite global trading resource anytime, anywhere. Install TrakInvest’s official mobile app for Android in Google Play  and iOS in the App Store now! Manage your TrakInvest portfolio, keep an eye on global exchanges, Trak the TrakInvest community, or take part in on-going simulations to win prizes wherever...

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GOTC: Introduction Video

Understand what TrakInvest’s Global Online Trading Certification is all about, how it will help you improve your understanding of investing and give you an edge in your career. Watch our GOTC Introduction video here: For more information, click here.


Get certified with the GOTC program!

To start the course, register here and click on GOTC in the subscriptions page.  The Global Online Trading Certificate (GOTC) is aimed to improve your all-round investing skills. The GOTC is an initiative of Trakinvest’s to help spread financial literacy and awareness while connecting mass talent with mass opportunities.  The GOTC program certifies...


GOTC: Complete Course Structure

Complete GOTC Course and Content Structure Introduction Module 1 – Basics of Trading Chapter 1: What are stocks? What is a stock market/exchange? Chapter 2: Basics of buying and selling stocks – when to buy and sell? What is a portfolio? How can you build yours? What are Portfolio returns?...


GOTC: Customized Performance Reports

The hallmark of the Global Online Trading Certification Program is the feedback you will receive at the end of the course through our Performance Reports. With the insights and guidance from our team’s experienced subject matter experts, the GOTC Performance Reports will show you how to improve and become a more confident trader....

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FAQ: TrakInvest Global Online Trading Certificate (GOTC) Certification Program (Level 1) 1.     Who can participate? All users on the platform are eligible to participate in this trading program 2.     When and How do I get the certification? As soon as you have met your certification criteria, your certificate will be made...