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Learn to Invest Only On TrakInvest.

Nifty closes above 10,000 first time ever, Sensex at an all time high – Indian stock markets are on a bull run, but you are not sure what to do about it? Learn stock investing and understand the basic nuances of picking stocks only on Follow top performers and get stock...

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TrakInvest Quick Start Guide

1. Start trading and build your portfolio You start at the Trade Lobby. This is where you search for and trade stocks, and manage your virtual portfolio. You’ll begin with US$100,000 or equivalent of virtual cash. Find stocks by clicking on a market in the browser, scrolling down further to...


General FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions Note: If you haven’t created an account yet, click here and then come back to finish reading this article. GENERAL 1. What is TrakInvest? TrakInvest is an exciting new way to develop your trading knowledge using virtual cash, real world information and competing against other people. Unlike trading stocks...

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Have you tried the Premium or Pro plans yet?

Go Premium or Pro and boost your learning curve! Getting a Premium or Pro account allows you access all of TrakInvest’s unique features. They have been specially designed to help you improve your trading skills. You’ll also be able to test your skills by entering different types of games and compete for prizes!...

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How do you trade on TrakInvest?

TrakInvest can help you identify key stocks to trade. There are four ways that you can find stocks to trade on Trakinvest. 1. The Browser Use the browser to navigate through markets, sectors, and stocks based on their current performance. You’ll first see the Market tiles (which may change in size...

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How does the portfolio snapshot work?

How Your Portfolio Snapshot Works On the left side of the Trakinvest trade lobby, you’ll see your Portfolio Snapshot. As you start trading, you’ll notice your orders will populate this panel and will turn one of four colours – grey, green, red or blue. Grey = Order processing. The Trakinvest system executes your trades at the market price at...