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The TrakInvest Show – Action Begins!

The Finalists for The #TrakInvestShow Qualifier round have been announced! Congratulations to the winners – Rahul Kalra, Sudhir Kumar, Gagan Deep Singh, Shailesh Bhardwaj, Neha Bajaj and Vedant Wanchoo will now compete with performers across India to build a winning portfolio. Plus, stay tuned for special guests – world-class professors,...

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New User Guide – Go for a spin!

New to TrakInvest? Figuring out the platform?  We’ve designed a new user guide to help you get accustomed to the platform. Just click on the TOUR icon and go for a spin. It will get you started in no time.

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TrakInvest Quick Start Guide

1. Start trading and build your portfolio You start at the Trade Lobby. This is where you search for and trade stocks, and manage your virtual portfolio. You’ll begin with US$100,000 or equivalent of virtual cash. Find stocks by clicking on a market in the browser, scrolling down further to...


General FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions Note: If you haven’t created an account yet, click here and then come back to finish reading this article. GENERAL 1. What is TrakInvest? TrakInvest is an exciting new way to develop your trading knowledge using virtual cash, real world information and competing against other people. Unlike trading stocks...

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4 Ways to pick stocks on TrakInvest

We wanted to quickly show you 4 key ways to pick stocks on TrakInvest. 1. Pick your Favourite Brands – We are surrounded by companies around us and the same companies trade on the stock exchange. For instance, you know of your telecom providers or the banks you use and...


TrakInvest goes mobile!

Now you can access your favourite global trading resource anytime, anywhere. Install TrakInvest’s official mobile app for Android in Google Play  and iOS in the App Store now! Manage your TrakInvest portfolio, keep an eye on global exchanges, Trak the TrakInvest community, or take part in on-going simulations to win prizes wherever...

Upgrade now

Have you tried the Premium or Pro plans yet?

Go Premium or Pro and boost your learning curve! Getting a Premium or Pro account allows you access all of TrakInvest’s unique features. They have been specially designed to help you improve your trading skills. You’ll also be able to test your skills by entering different types of games and compete for prizes!...

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GOTC: Introduction Video

Understand what TrakInvest’s Global Online Trading Certification is all about, how it will help you improve your understanding of investing and give you an edge in your career. Watch our GOTC Introduction video here: For more information, click here.