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GOTC: What Is High Frequency Trading?

Funds, banks, and institutional investors will sometimes employ an algorithmic trading strategy known as HFT, or High Frequency Trading. This involves the use computer hardware and software to execute trades at very high speeds, leveraging huge amounts of data and real time processing to generate profits. Watch this video and...

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GOTC: What Determines Stock Prices?

So you’re monitoring stock prices on TrakInvest, seeing your pinned stocks go up or go down, looking at price charts over time, and tracking the performance of the stocks in your virtual portfolio. But what forces determine these prices? The Motley Fool has a great video to explain exactly that....

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Stock Trading Tips for Beginners

If you’re new to trading, you’re probably already aware that you’ve come to the perfect place to improve your skills and experience.  This article designed for beginner traders and new users aims to help you better understand what’s needed to become a great trader. Check it out! “The stock market is a...