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GOTC: What Is A Stock Split?

As you grow your virtual portfolio on TrakInvest, one of your holdings may be affected by what’s called a “stock split”. This is something that you may recall Apple Inc last did in 2014 (they’ve done it 4 times in total). Check out this great video from Marketplace.org and learn...

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GOTC: What Determines Stock Prices?

So you’re monitoring stock prices on TrakInvest, seeing your pinned stocks go up or go down, looking at price charts over time, and tracking the performance of the stocks in your virtual portfolio. But what forces determine these prices? The Motley Fool has a great video to explain exactly that....

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$72 Million Liars: Get Real With Trakinvest

You may have read the viral story going around about the 17 year old “stock market genius” who made US$72 million trading penny stocks. Unsurprisingly, it turns out the guy is a fraud without a record, and there’s a key message to learn from all of this – click below to...