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GOTC: What Is A Stock Split?

As you grow your virtual portfolio on TrakInvest, one of your holdings may be affected by what’s called a “stock split”. This is something that you may recall Apple Inc last did in 2014 (they’ve done it 4 times in total). Check out this great video from Marketplace.org and learn...

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GOTC: What Is High Frequency Trading?

Funds, banks, and institutional investors will sometimes employ an algorithmic trading strategy known as HFT, or High Frequency Trading. This involves the use computer hardware and software to execute trades at very high speeds, leveraging huge amounts of data and real time processing to generate profits. Watch this video and...


Analyzing Analyses

The first time you see the heartbeat line of your latest investment begin to drop, worry sets in. Recent bearish trends in the Nifty have also seen traders begin to consider the options at hand. As a new trader and without the intuitive prowess of the likes of Warren Buffet,...