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Top Players on TrakInvest

Top Players on TrakInvest

TrakInvest was developed with a vision of being a peer-to-peer learning ecosystem. Today, an average stock market user uses the power of networks to buy stocks, reaching out to his/her most trusted stock market gurus for investing ideas. The power of networks is replicated on TrakInvest as the platform is...

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This ICO is disrupting the Financial Services Industry

This ICO is disrupting the Financial Services Industry Everyone wants to make money. But up until recently, only the high net-worth individuals could afford personalised advisory solutions that would manage the investment portfolios in exchange for charging high fees. These personal wealth manager would access sophisticated tools and specific information while...

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TrakInvest — The History and the Rationale behind the business

TrakInvest — The History and the Rationale behind the business TrakInvest began as Bobby’s (Founder & CEO TrakInvest) vision during his career in private banking, when he was continuously being approached by young professionals for job opportunities. During this time, he was also discovering that the retail investor was facing a gap in...

TrakInvest re-defines jobs-and-education in India

Jobs and Education re-defined in India

Jobs and Education re-defined in India with TrakInvest and Edelweiss TrakInvest partners with India’s leading financial services company Edelweiss to screen and hire top talent through a first-of-a-kind competition that encouraged  aspiring job hunters to research, buy/sell stocks and build a stock market portfolio at zero risk with virtual money...

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New User Guide – Go for a spin!

New to TrakInvest? Figuring out the platform?  We’ve designed a new user guide to help you get accustomed to the platform. Just click on the TOUR icon and go for a spin. It will get you started in no time.